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As doers—within these virtual walls of the Traphouse— is where the rubber hits the road. Our guiding light is to onboard the next 100 million underestimated producers and builders into the metaverse. However, the only constant is change, so earmark this page in your virtual ethos to keep track of C-Tribe’s evolution.


Vision & values




Innovators and creators







// vision & values

We exist to celebrate diversity and to help innovative and creative people achieve their dreams.

We are manifesting our vision between the blurred lines of the physical and metaphysical worlds. We’re a community of misfits who aren’t afraid to fail. We aren’t afraid to push boundaries. We aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. The world 100 years ago looked completely different than it does today and that will be the case for the next 100. We’re building C-Tribe to be at the forefront of web3 culture and to do that requires a whole new set of rules.


Take care of our people – our community comes first. Always. We pride ourselves on operating in underserved communities and being a platform for underestimated people. By standing up for them, they show out for us. This is our superpower.

Collisions, culture, connections, commerce – the future of community lives at the intersection of these four things. C-Tribe is uniquely positioned to explore and build on this.

Inspire and innovate –  By framing the way we want to change the world, we can experiment with new ideas and positively criticize the status quo. By developing inspiring things for our collective, anything is possible. 

// Cappsule

Over the next decade, $24 trillion will be passed down to the next generation. This generation cares deeply about the experiences they have and with whom. 

We are creating the first decentralized recommendation engine—think Yelp, but built for the web3 era— that will establish a gateway for highly relevant and curated recommendations. These recommendations will help the emerging and influential generation find and share the experiences they care most about. The will also exist on the blockchain and live to stand the test of time—what we call Cappsules. 

These Cappsules will be: 

Trusted and shareable amongst peers and 2nd/3rd-degree connections:

Word of mouth is the most trusted source of information and a recommendation from a peer heavily influences purchase decisions. Current review and recommendation models rely on recommendations from strangers while the Cappsule platform will leverage and share reviews from their peer network.

Interoperable and free to transfer

Well-executed experiences create an enormous catalogue of data that is centrally controlled and unavailable to most participants. Also, the data that comes from those that provide and share reviews and recommendations is locked to that central entity. We envision a world where creators can own and control their data and can transfer it in an interoperable manner across platforms. 

Codified and shared monetization

Creators of data are unfairly compensated for the value they are creating. Their information is also appropriated and sold to ad agencies, marketing firms, and media companies without their knowledge. Blockchain will allow us to put the power back into the creator’s hands by creating better distributed reward mechanisms and transparency across the platform. 

Stay tuned for more and join us on this mission to revolutionize the Experience  Economy. 

C-Tribe Festival - Cappsule

// innovators and creators

We exist to celebrate diversity and to help innovative and creative people achieve their dreams.



A person who introduces new methods, ideas, or products.




Relating to or involving the imagination of original ideas, especially in the production of artistic work.

C-Tribe is for innovative and creative people who have a strong desire to connect, learn, collaborate and discover the inspiration to take on challenges, unlock new business opportunities and participate in shaping the future. We believe that ideas and talent exist everywhere and we have the power to be a platform for those that are underestimated.

// Physical

IRL events


To be part of C-Tribe means that you are provided access to our in-real-life events like C-Tribe Festival:

A collision gathering—aims to build immersive experiences that help underestimated communities thrive. We will do this by celebrating diversity and igniting positive growth through experiences—gatherings, music, food, artistic showcases, panel discussions, workshops and special events. We will push the boundaries of breaking down silos and creating an inclusive environment that spurs prosperity.


Tech  •  Gaming  •  Culture  •  Music  •  Fashion

C-Tribe Festival - Physical

// Metaverse

Our digital identities have become inseparable from how we define ourselves.

The social media web 2 iterations of the metaverse today is where we currently spend most of our time: LinkedIn + Twitter + Discord + Instagram +YouTube. These platforms are anitquated and centralized.

Web3 introduces a renewed hope for what self-expression, access, and control of what is ours can mean for everyone. 

C-Tribe’s aim is to amplify the experience for underserved innovators and creators and help onboard the next 100 million producers into web3.

This begins by empowering producers to co-create experiences with us in the metaverse.




C-Tribe Festival - metaphysical

// Ideation

“Human history is, in essence, a history of ideas.” – H.G. Wells

The Medici Effect, popularized by Frans Johansson and describes the ability to innovate by combining ideas, disciplines and cultures.

The Medici’s were a very prominent and influential family in Florence, Italy who understood how to build upon different perspectives, views and skills. This allowed innovators and creatives to identify powerful niches,  and collide ideas to create great ones.

At the core, C-Tribe manifests a world of collisions. A world where two seemingly opposing concepts can be moulded into one to re-imagine completely new industries. 

What ideas do you have? Let’s manifest our future for a better world together.


C-Tribe Festival
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