I authorize C-Tribe Festival (the “Organization”) to (i) record and capture the Presentation in audio, audio-visual or other format (the “Recording”), (ii) to display, post, transcribe, edit, excerpt from, duplicate and distribute the Recording for educational, promotional and archival purposes including but not limited to the organization’s publications and web services (including the Organization’s YouTube channel and website), and (iii) use my name, title, image, likeness and biographic information to use, promote or exploit the Recording or any derivative work of the Recording,

I acknowledge that the Organization, in capturing the Presentation, will become the copyright owner of the Presentation. To the extent that I have any rights in the Recording, I hereby assign all my rights, title and interest in and to the Recording to the University.

I understand that nothing in this Release prevents me from using the Presentation again, or from giving the Presentation elsewhere, and that I will continue to own the copyright to my original content within the Presentation. The Organization shall retain a non-exclusive right to my content contained within the Presentation. I further warrant that the Presentation is original and does not infringe the copyright or violate any rights of any third party and that I will ensure that all third party material is covered by a permission, release or license to enable the Recording of the Presentation consistent with this Release.

I will indemnify the Organization against any loss, injury or damage, including legal costs, incurred in consequence of any breach of this warranty. I acknowledge and agree that this Release shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Alberta, and is a legally binding agreement. I verify that I have authority to enter into this Release and that I will be bound by its terms.


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