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C-Tribe x Culture is meant to bring to life the distinctive and lively culture that those in our community have to offer.  By doing so, prior to the Cuture festival, professional/experts in the field of diversity are invited to partake in the festival as partners or even speakers, so that guests can have a broad overview of what is taking place in the realm of culture. 

RBC Future Launch is RBC’s commitment to empowering Canadian youth for the jobs of tomorrow. RBC is dedicating $500 million to help young people access meaningful employment through practical work experience, skills development, networking and access to mental well-being supports and services. In 2020, RBC committed to providing $50 million in focused funding through RBC Future Launch to create meaningful and transformative pathways to prosperity for up to 25,000 BIPOC youth by 2025, with investments in areas such as skills development and mentoring.

The Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative was created by the Federal government through Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to help increase the capacity of Black-led grassroots not-for-profit organizations that serve Black communities in Canada.

BTI was created to facilitate change, and connections to aspire Black talent in business. Through partnerships, internships, mentorships, and networking, BTI emposers Black leaders for the future.

T1 is a full-stack sponsorship agency. Stacked with 25+ years of experience and the energy of a start-up, we deliver strategic partnerships, creative activations, and effective amplification. We create immersive, engaging experiences that help your brand leap beyond your logo and connect with your community in a meaningful way.

D·Central is a global next-gen and innovative management & marketing consultancy house that taps into a global hive of Rock-Star Talents from all over the world and from all walks of specialties & professions; talent who have a deep passion for their craft and solving complex problems, yet are tired (exhausted!) from the centralized bottle necks of the traditional models.


// Ideation

“Human history is, in essence, a history of ideas.” – H.G. Wells

The Medici Effect, popularized by Frans Johansson and describes the ability to innovate by combining ideas, disciplines and cultures.

The Medici’s were a very prominent and influential family in Florence, Italy who understood how to build upon different perspectives, views and skills. This allowed innovators and creatives to identify powerful niches,  and collide ideas to create great ones.

At the core, C-Tribe manifests a world of collisions. A world where two seemingly opposing concepts can be moulded into one to re-imagine completely new industries. 

What ideas do you have? Let’s manifest our future for a better world together.


C-Tribe Festival
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// vision & values

We exist to celebrate diversity and to help innovative and creative people achieve their dreams.

We are manifesting our vision between the blurred lines of the physical and metaphysical worlds. We’re a community of misfits who aren’t afraid to fail. We aren’t afraid to push boundaries. We aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. The world 100 years ago looked completely different than it does today and that will be the case for the next 100. We’re building C-Tribe to be at the forefront of web3 culture and to do that requires a whole new set of rules.


Take care of our people – our community comes first. Always. We pride ourselves on operating in underserved communities and being a platform for underestimated people. By standing up for them, they show out for us. This is our superpower.

Collisions, culture, connections, commerce – the future of community lives at the intersection of these four things. C-Tribe is uniquely positioned to explore and build on this.

Inspire and innovate –  By framing the way we want to change the world, we can experiment with new ideas and positively criticize the status quo. By developing inspiring things for our collective, anything is possible. 

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