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Colliding Creativity and Diversity, at Edmonton’s C-Afrofuturism Festival

Escaping the Content Treadmill

What is a Talent Collective (and Should You Start One)?

How a Curator Made $50K on a Job Board in 90 Days

Colliding Creativity and Diversity, at Edmonton’s C-Afrofuturism Festival

Edmonton, Canada, July 20th, 2022 - Creativity and Black culture will be on full display at this year’s C-Afrofuturism Festival & Conference: an event that is part of the C-Tribe Festival and aims t ...

May 13 2022

The Minimum Viable Participation in Crypto: Web3 and Beyond

The future of crypto is bright, and it's already in our hands. Web 3.0 runs on the blockchain, decentralizing modern societies globally. It was built to be censorship-resistant, private & secure due t ...

May 03 2022

The Ultimate Beginners' Guide to NFTs

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are a type of unique digital assets. They cannot be interchangeable, as each NFT is unique and has its distinct value. For example, in the CryptoKitties game, each digita ...

May 03 2022

The Rise and Landscape of DAOs

A DAO is a contract that you enter into with the rest of the Ethereum community that controls a fund of ETH. You can join or leave at any time, but you have to be approved by 51% of token holders, usu ...

May 03 2022

Developing NFT Strategies for Your Digital Assets

The age of NFTs is still in its infancy, and as such, there are few global standards for their use. Early critics of NFTs thought this tech to be dead and obsolete before it even took off. However, pr ...

May 03 2022

Bitcoin vs. Firms: The Organizational Nature of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, meaning that there are no banks or credit card companies involved in the transactions. The technology behind this digital currency makes it even more groun ...

May 03 2022


The music industry is a tough place to succeed today. The professionals you see receiving hits on YouTube, performing before large audiences at festivals, or being streamed by popular playlist provide ...

May 01 2022

How Are NFTs Relevant To Today’s Music Industry

NFTs, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology are all terms that you’ve probably heard in the past but may not have known how they related to your career as a musician. Well, now we might be on th ...

Apr 30 2022

Are NFTs the future of the music industry?

If you think this article is about a mind-bending collaborative single, you’re wrong! Instead, all these names that are in the entertainment industry have been mentioned above, each have earned mill ...

Apr 30 2022

Music Industry Convention: Go or No?

Conventions are an opportunity for musicians to network and make connections. It's also a chance of meeting your favorite artist from the music industry, as well as other creatives who work behind the ...

Apr 30 2022

Why Should a DJ Attend Music Conferences and Expos

DJ, are you a dinosaur in your industry? Do the music and playlists for events come easily? Or does it take hours of effort to find just one song on demand? If so then this might be an issue with how ...

Apr 29 2022

12 Benefits of Attending Music Conferences

Music conferences are great opportunities for artists of all levels. You can go home with good memories and new business cards, but the best part is that you will be networking! The more people who kn ...

Apr 29 2022

5 Reasons Why Most Musicians Fail To Break Into The Music Industry

The music industry is a competitive field. More importantly, what should you do right now to jump on the train to become successful in this tough business? What should you do right now to get your nam ...

Apr 29 2022

Encouraging Collaboration in the Digital Future—VersionMe Media, Taproot, RBC, Dentons

"This is coming from having a very privileged life: I’m white, I’m male, I grew up in Canada so I haven’t had a lot of horrible heartbreak or things happen to me. Personally I think that life is ...

Apr 03 2020

Dr. Kyle Murray— The Vice-Dean at the University of Alberta School of Business and Leading the School Wide Initiative Around Blended and Experiential Learning

"This is coming from having a very privileged life: I’m white, I’m male, I grew up in Canada so I haven’t had a lot of horrible heartbreak or things happen to me. Personally I think that life is ...

Dec 05 2019

Colliding Global Creativity, Diversity, and Tech At Canada’s C-Tribe Festival

Announcing official dates and schedule for the C-Tribe Festival: A five-day collision festival set to showcase the best of the Canadian creative and innovation ecosystem in nation’s northernmost met ...

Oct 21 2019
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// vision & values

We exist to celebrate diversity and to help innovative and creative people achieve their dreams.

We are manifesting our vision between the blurred lines of the physical and metaphysical worlds. We’re a community of misfits who aren’t afraid to fail. We aren’t afraid to push boundaries. We aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. The world 100 years ago looked completely different than it does today and that will be the case for the next 100. We’re building C-Tribe to be at the forefront of web3 culture and to do that requires a whole new set of rules.


Take care of our people – our community comes first. Always. We pride ourselves on operating in underserved communities and being a platform for underestimated people. By standing up for them, they show out for us. This is our superpower.

Collisions, culture, connections, commerce – the future of community lives at the intersection of these four things. C-Tribe is uniquely positioned to explore and build on this.

Inspire and innovate –  By framing the way we want to change the world, we can experiment with new ideas and positively criticize the status quo. By developing inspiring things for our collective, anything is possible. 

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